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Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disaster recovery solutions by EverSafe put you back in business in minutes. That’s because our Cloud Backup Systems are powered by award-winning Datto technology. Disaster recovery solutions  means just one thing to EverSafe: your business continues to do business as usual. No matter what kind of disaster brings down your mission-critical computer operations, whether natural (think floods, hurricanes, tornados, dust storms, earthquakes and tsunamis) or man-made (power outages, computer … [Read more...]

Cloud Backup Carbonite vs Eversafe

 Carbonite Cloud Backup and the Eversafe Cloud Backup solution, let's explore the differences. Many businesses think that all online cloud backup solutions are similar.  Whether its Carbonite, Mozy Pro or even our own EverSafe solution. Nothing could be farther from reality.  They are all good solutions but serve very distinct different markets, purposes and budgets. If you are an individual, or a very small business such as a sole proprietorship, a solution like Carbonite may very well be … [Read more...]

Hurricane Season – Is Your Business Prepared ?

  Smart business owners often consider the risks to their business and prepare accordingly, but many of them fail to think about the risks associated with weather. With the start of hurricane season, it is important to think about the risks a potential hurricane could cause your business. While the degree of those risks will vary from location to location, it is still important to never underestimate a large storm and to have a plan in place for the months of June through November. With the … [Read more...]

Datto Backup powering Eversafe !

EverSafe! is a comprehensive Backup, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Solution.  Our partner, Datto, provides the hardware, software and data center support.  Clients First Technology Solutions’ EverSafe! solution adds our support, configuration, expertise and services. Datto Backup is hands down the leader in the Business Continuity industry.  They regularly are voted the best solution in the industry and have the largest install base in this market segment.  Datto focus’s their … [Read more...]

Eversafe! Cloud Backup Enhancements

Eversafe! continues to be a unique backup and disaster recovery solution (BDR) with features such as unlimited server licenses, instant file recovery,  ability to boot our mount the backup on the BDR and literally run your servers from the appliance, cloud storage in bicoastal data centers, Exchange recovery, support for physical and virtual servers and automated screenshot testing. These new updates just make EverSafe! and even better product: We studied user habits and interface design … [Read more...]

Business Continuity Solutions

Business Continuity Solutions have been important as long as businesses have operated and disasters have occurred. Now, EverSafe Cloud Backup Systems address both traditional disasters and the uniquely Internet-Age threats that loom ever larger as more and more business goes online. Business Continuity Solutions must not only cover the ominous list of disasters that have always confronted us – floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, dust storms, earthquakes and tsunamis. Now we also face power outages – … [Read more...]

Cloud Backup Systems

Cloud Backup Systems by EverSafe keep your online business up and running, no matter what happens to your servers.Cloud Backup Systems by EverSafe offer backup, disaster recovery, instant on-site and off-site virtualization and screenshot verification of backups, all from one simple user interface.If your company’s servers go down – in fact, even if your server room is completely destroyed – EverSafe Cloud Backup Systems will have you back up and running within seconds.EverSafe’s exclusive … [Read more...]

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