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Business Continuity Solutions

Business Continuity Solutions have been important as long as businesses have operated and disasters have occurred. Now, EverSafe Cloud Backup Systems address both traditional disasters and the uniquely Internet-Age threats that loom ever larger as more and more business goes online.

Business Continuity Solutions must not only cover the ominous list of disasters that have always confronted us – floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, dust storms, earthquakes and tsunamis. Now we also face power outages – blackouts or “brownouts” – stemming from heat waves, ice storms and other causes, plus new, invisible online threats: computer viruses, malware and other unauthorized data access and manipulation by hackers. Today, an internet outage can do every bit as much damage to a business as a flood, and its “flood plain” stretches nearly everywhere.

In a virtuous cycle, our electronics have grown more convenient, powerful and indispensable while we have grown more computer-savvy, Internet-reliant and, increasingly, more mobile.

Whether you conduct 24/7/365 online operations or are just a 9-5 operation, you need an alternative way to operate if disaster strikes. Even a more traditional business may well rely on computerized marketing databases, just-in-time manufacturing supply chains and/or such technologies as ERP or CRM. Computers and Internet connectivity are irresistibly powerful tools but are also highly vulnerable to any of a wide range of minor outages and disasters.

For every $1 million in annual revenues logged by a business, simple arithmetic suggests that a day offline averages, as a base, over $2,700 in lost revenue. One week down costs $19,250. A month out of commission – which might be the length of time that conventional IT hurricane or earthquake recovery takes – would eliminate $83,333 out of every $1 million in revenues, or much of a key team member’s annual pay.  

All of these are just rough baseline figures. In a true worst-case scenario, lost revenues (because you couldn’t serve your customers) might well be followed by lost customers (who need to be replaced), lost market share and lost reputation. These are outcomes that few businesses can afford.

Most surveys show between 80 and 90% of all businesses that suffer 15 or more consecutive down days are out of business within 2 years.

Remember, EverSafe is more than just online cloud backup, it’s a total solution that allows near real time failover, both on-premise and in the cloud so your don’t have to wait hours, days or weeks to restore your data and servers.  That’s the EverSafe difference

Investing in Business Continuity Solutions with an EverSafe Cloud Backup System can cut such disaster-related losses to zero. And investing a little of your time in a consultation is free of charge. An EverSafe consultant will help with more than ensuring data and program security. Drawing on specialized industry experience, our team can help guide you in constructing and testing a Business Recovery Plan (BRP) that covers backup communications, succession of authority and system access control protocols if disaster prevents a company principal (or more than one) from reporting to work.

Whether a disaster-related crisis lasts a single day or a period of months, a robust Business Continuity Solution  in the form of EverSafe Cloud Backup Systems can help ensure that your business survives. Contact EverSafe today.


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