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Cloud Backup Carbonite vs Eversafe

 Eversafe Carbonite Cloud BackupCarbonite Cloud Backup and the Eversafe Cloud Backup solution, let’s explore the differences. Many businesses think that all online cloud backup solutions are similar.  Whether its Carbonite, Mozy Pro or even our own EverSafe solution. Nothing could be farther from reality.  They are all good solutions but serve very distinct different markets, purposes and budgets. If you are an individual, or a very small business such as a sole proprietorship, a solution like Carbonite may very well be adequate. These ‘high volume’ low cost solutions are able to provide what they do at such a low cost for a variety of reasons.  If you can wait days or weeks to retrieve your data, such as family photos, it’s a very viable way to go.  Without upgrading to much more expensive plans, you typically upload all your data to their cloud data center. In the event of a disaster such as a crashed hard drive, fire flood etc, you would use another computer to reinstall their backup application, and then download your files from their data center. 

However, for many businesses, they are backing up hundreds of gigabytes or even terabytes of data.  With an average internet connection it could take well over a month to initially ‘seed’ your data to the cloud.  During that month you are unprotected.  Then when you need to restore your data, you need to download it which can take just as long.  To keep costs down, services like Carbonite ‘throttle’ your bandwidth so that even if you have an extremely fast internet connection, they often don’t let you download your data faster than one or two megabits per second.  If you have a larger business that depends on access to your data, waiting weeks or even a month or longer to get your data back is unacceptable.  They do have options to send your data back on drives but now it’s already triple the regular price and it still takes up to a week for them to process your request.


Carbonite has many ‘hidden’ limitations that are buried in their fine print.  For example, they won’t backup your video files (including your precious home movies or business video), ‘unlimited’ doesn’t really mean unlimited, numerous software bugs, and heavily throttled bandwidth.  You can Google these issues to see the myriad of problems. If there is a problem with your backup or restore, Carbonite operates on a skeletal technical staff, most of which is outsourced to low cost labor countries that have far lower IT skills and language difficulties.   When your server is down, is this the point in time you wish to be relegated to online chat with India or Pakistan?  They could never afford to charge $60/year and provide top notch certified US based professionals to support you.


Carbonite is merely a ‘backup’ service.  It constantly backs up the files that change on an individual computer.  You need to purchase a subscription for each computer.  Carbonite’s non business plans will NOT backup open files such as databases, email servers etc. so it’s completely useless for most business applications like Exchange Server, CRM or ERP solutions. Carbonite does offer business grade plans but at prices that are in the range of $2,500/year for 2TB which is a common size needed when you take into account versions etc.  In addition, their measurement of storage is your raw space on your server. Not savings achieved via compression or de-duplication (which they don’t offer anyway).


Carbonite is a ‘continuous backup’ solution meaning it sends your files to the cloud as soon as they are created or changed.  Although that sounds great, it can spell disaster in many scenarios. The Cryptolocker virus, for example, encrypts all the files on your server and then demands a ransom to un-encrypt.  In many cases, even after paying the ransom, the un-encryption fails.  Since Carbonite is backing up the files continuously, as soon as Cryptolocker rewrites the encrypted file, its gets copied to their data center OVER your good file and now both your local and your backup are useless.  Yes Carbonite allows you to choose an older version of your file to restore, but that’s a one file at a time interface.  Most businesses have tens of thousands of files backed up and restoring them one at a time that way is all but impossible. 


How EverSafe! addresses all of the problems you would see with Carbonite.


Eversafe! is a Hybrid Cloud backup solution.  It includes a powerful on-site appliance as part of the equation.  It uses drive level ‘snapshot’ technology to take a complete ‘point in time’ image of all your servers and then nearly instantly copies them to this local appliance.  In addition, whether the original server is physical or virtual, it stores the backup in a ready to go virtual format.  It even boots up every backup made an emails you a screenshot of the login screen giving you the peace of mind that the backup is ready to boot and working. If your server’s drive or motherboard were to fail, you can fail-over to the EverSafe! appliance within minutes and your users wouldn’t even know anything happened.  Virtually ZERO downtime.  Then when you repair or replace your dead server, you can quickly re-image it from the EverSafe! appliance in about 30 minutes and do so with little or no outside IT assistance thanks to our US based professional consulting staff.


There is no need to reinstall and rebuild the server because we are restoring an identical clone state of it as it was when the backup was made.  Typically snapshots are taken hourly but can be as often as every 5 minutes.  This also means if something like Cryptolocker hits, we can restore ALL the affected files nearly instantly and at once from the point in time before Cryptolocker was contracted. If your entire server room was destroyed due to a disaster, Eversafe! is continually backing up your server images to not one, but two separate bi-coastal data centers.  These aren’t just low cost hard drives in a data center like Carbonite.  These are complete enterprise grade servers with the processing power, RAM and high speed storage arrays necessary to RUN your applications.  This means if your building, for example, was flooded, within an hour we can boot up clones of your servers in the data center and your employees can remotely connect to them and continue operating your business as your applications run on our enterprise grade servers.


Then when your facilities are repaired and new servers are in place, we’ll overnight you a new Eversafe! appliance (which was probably also destroyed in the disaster) fully populated with your latest data from the cloud so that you can fail back to your new servers quickly.  This is typically coordinated for a weekend so your users can return to the office on Monday with your entire IT infrastructure intact and all the work they done for the days or weeks while recovering from the disaster back where it belongs. Bottom line…If you can afford to be without your systems operating for days, weeks or longer, use cloud only data backup solutions.  If you need near instant access to your business systems and data, regardless of the severity of the situation, you need Eversafe!



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