404 Cloud Backup vs Business Continuity

 Cloud-Backup-and-Business-ContinuityCloud backup vs. Business Continuity, what’s the difference?  Hopefully after reading this post you will have a better understanding of the two.

Currently there are many online backup services. Some of them such as Carbonite, BackBlaze and Mozy have become quite popular. However, these companies might not be the best solution compared to a Business Continuity solution like EverSafe!

Before the advent of Business Continuity there was your generic Online Backup Services. They have been around for a long time.

Online Backup Services just allow you to backup and restore your data, plain and simple. Since these
solutions on dependent on hard drive capacity, usually only a portion of your system is backed up.

Most default to just backing up your My Documents folder and other miscellaneous data folders.

Hybrid Cloud Storage solutions such as Eversafe use a completely different methodology than do simple
online backup services.

EverSafe! takes a complete ‘image’ or ‘clone’ of your server.  That includes the operating system, applications, settings etc.  Rebuilding a server from scratch and restoring your files from the cloud can take many hours or often days and you often don’t realize you missed key things for weeks.  With EverSafe!, once you restore your server to a point in time before disaster struck, it’s ‘like it never even happened.’

In addition, when your server goes down, EverSafe! comes online and is standing in for your users.  In most cases, the user doesn’t even notice the difference and often EverSafe! is actually faster than the server it is standing in for.

Cloud backup solutions merely have to store your files in the cloud.  EverSafe! has enterprise grade servers in our data centers because if your building is damaged or destroyed, we actually boot up your servers on our data center hardware and give you remote access.  That requires a lot more engineering and horsepower on our part, but that’s what a real business needs in order to be sure you suffer NO downtime regardless of what happens.

Go ahead, backup your children’s photos, your music, and your personal spreadsheets with a cloud backup service.  But use Eversafe! for your ERP and CRM systems, your database, your email servers, your CAD solutions, domain controllers etc.  That is unless you can live with weeks of downtime in the event of a disaster.

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