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Cloud Backup Systems by EverSafe keep your online business up and running, no matter what happens to your servers.

Cloud Backup Systems by EverSafe offer backup, disaster recovery, instant on-site and off-site virtualization and screenshot verification of backups, all from one simple user interface.

If your company’s servers go down – in fact, even if your server room is completely destroyed – EverSafe Cloud Backup Systems will have you back up and running within seconds.

EverSafe’s exclusive Instant Virtualization methodology is the key. EverSafe Cloud Backup Systems spin an exact copy of your servers in the cloud. So your users can remotely access all of your systems within minutes of an outage. We call it Intelligent Business Continuity.

Our exclusive Inverse Chain Technology eliminates the unreliability and complexity of traditional backups, where incremental system pieces get re-assembled to restore to a point in time. This traditional approach of virtualizing a backup image involves long delays and considerable uncertainty. If just one piece of this kind of incremental backup is lost, all backups from that point on are useless.

Instead, EverSafe stores your files natively in a universal Virtual Machine (VMDK) format. You can bring them up and reboot instantly, whenever needed, without the long delays that are inherent in virtualizing a backup image.

EverSafe Cloud Backup – Inverse Chain Technology

Let’s face it: stuff happens. Maybe it’s severe weather. Maybe it’s a spam attack. Maybe your landline-based ISP connection develops a bad case of the hiccups. Why it happens doesn’t matter as much as what happens – your servers go down. Your online presence morphs into one big, ugly error message. You start the backup virtualization process. An hour passes. Then two. Then the restore fails. You still can’t reboot. Your customers  are calling. They keep calling. IT keeps trying, but nothing works. The clock keeps ticking. It’s every businessperson’s worst nightmare.

EverSafe Cloud Backup Systems all use our proprietary Inverse Chain Technology, eliminating problems in the backup chain.

Each backup saves data in a universal virtual file format (VMDK), independent of previous snapshots. You get freedom over changing retention and deleting snapshots. No need to reset the chain or drop a new base image. No complicated rollup or restore processes. And no broken backup chains.

This superior and elegant design advantage makes each backup a fully bootable virtual machine. So there is no need for a conversion prior to performing a restore. Your data is available for nearly instantaneous virtualization, 24/7/365, both on-site and off-site. Your customers may never even notice that a server problem occurred!

Your data stays available. Your systems keep running. And that keeps your customers happy.

Cloud Backup Systems by EverSafe provide you unparalleled peace of mind. So they are the only backup solution you will ever need.

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