404 Datto Backup powering Eversafe !

Datto Backup powering Eversafe !

Datto-Backup-ImageEverSafe! is a comprehensive Backup, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Solution.  Our partner, Datto, provides the hardware, software and data center support.  Clients First Technology Solutions’ EverSafe! solution adds our support, configuration, expertise and services.

Datto Backup is hands down the leader in the Business Continuity industry.  They regularly are voted the best solution in the industry and have the largest install base in this market segment.  Datto focus’s their efforts on building a world class solution at prices small and mid-size companies can afford.  They work with partners like us to deploy and support those solution.

However, Clients First’s is the only Datto partner who has an entire division dedicated exclusively to Datto and Business Continuity.  We know if you are a juggler of many, you rarely can be the master of one. We are not a managed service provider, we aren’t selling you servers, copies of Office 365 etc.  We sell Business Continuity solutions, powered by Datto.  We do so with extensive value added services at very fair prices.  We include significant support and do not charge extra for most of our services including round trip processing, failover testing etc.   We are happy to work with your existing IT folks, whether they are in house staff or an outside firm.

We’ve run into prospects who show our solution to their local IT firm who might feel they too could just sell the client a Datto solution.  This would be a mistake as we have scores of systems in place and have developed the experience and expertise to make sure all work perfectly.  The one area you do not want your IT firm learning on your nickel is disaster recovery.  When you need to fail over is not the time for them to start learning how to implement a system like this or discover their configuration wasn’t safely backing up your ERP system.

So for your ultimate in Datto Powered DR solutions, you’ve come to the right place.  Contact us now to see how we can protect your business.

Clients First’s EverSafe! services include:

  • Telephone Support

Call us with any questions, issues, problems.  Need help restoring files?  Spinning up a server, working with the data center to bring your servers up in the cloud?  We are ready to help.

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

Clients First can help you design and develop a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan.  Such a plan ensures that in the event of a disaster, your organization can calmly and smoothly handle the situation with a minimum of downtime.  Such plans often go well beyond IT Systems, but also include facilities management,  interpersonal emergency communications, etc.

  • Comprehensive Failover Testing

We can assist you with doing a comprehensive test both on premise and in the cloud to simulate a disaster and ensure that all parties involve have the documentation and details necessary so that if the time should come to spring into action, there is no guessing or experimenting with your failover requirements.  Details might include IP settings, DNS settings, server boot order, critical passwords, VPN information, drive and processor allocation etc.

  • As one of Datto’s largest partners and one of the most often quoted and regularly speaking at their conferences, we have the breadth and depth of a dedicated team focused exclusively on Disaster Recovery.  EverSafe! isn’t just one ‘product’ line among dozens that is common with typical IT firms.  This is our sole and exclusive focus so everybody you work with here knows the solution inside and out.
  • As one of the largest CRM & ERP Value Added Resellers, we are in the unique position to truly understand your complex multi-user business solutions that are the lifeblood of your company.  Whether it’s Microsoft SQL Server or an old proprietary database, we know that most backup disasters occur because IT firms are not familiar with your line of business applications and do not backup and test them properly.  As consultants for Microsoft, Sage, SAP, Epicor and Acumatica among others, we have the field proven experience in this complex arena.


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