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Disaster Recovery Solutions

disaster-recovery-solutionsDisaster recovery solutions by EverSafe put you back in business in minutes. That’s because our Cloud Backup Systems are powered by award-winning Datto technology.

Disaster recovery solutions  means just one thing to EverSafe: your business continues to do business as usual. No matter what kind of disaster brings down your mission-critical computer operations, whether natural (think floods, hurricanes, tornados, dust storms, earthquakes and tsunamis) or man-made (power outages, computer viruses, human error, hackers), the technology that powers an EverSafe Cloud Backup System ensures that your customers probably won’t even notice.

EverSafe is proud to partner with disaster recovery industry leader Datto to prevent loss of data or functionality across your entire enterprise. Our solutions give you an easy-to-use-dashboard for anything from routine backup to full disaster recovery, up to and including complete destruction of your servers. No matter what, your systems can continue to spin in the cloud, encrypted, controlled by you.

Hybrid Cloud Backup gives you redundancy and flexibility. You store data and programs both on a local device and in the cloud. You can restore the entire system if need be, but only what you need. So you save bandwidth.

Instant Virtualization ensures business as usual, even if your servers fail entirely. Virtual equivalents of your entire IT infrastructure operate securely in the cloud.

Screenshot backup verification, proprietary to Datto, tests the integrity of the backup. It runs a mock recovery and flags any issues. It gives you and your EverSafe rep the tools to ensure that your backup will boot.

Inverse chain technology is the smart way to eliminate problems in the backup chain. Each backup is not dependent on previous snapshots. Each is a fully bootable virtual machine. Datto’s unique and incisive methodology eliminates complicated rollup and restore processes.

Backup Insights identifies file and application changes between any two backup points, right from the user interface.

Image-Based Backup gives you faster full restores when there’s no time for downtime. It can restore individual files or do a full bare metal restore, boot virtual machines, and run remote offices.

You get the most installed and industry award-winning Hybrid Cloud Business Continuity and Backup solution in the world, currently protecting over 75 petabytes of customer data in the cloud and more customer sites than all other hybrid cloud backup solutions combined. It’s the right choice for reliability, speed, low impact on server performance, scalability and flexibility.

Knowing that you’re protected by Datto technology means peace of mind. In fact, during and after Hurricane Sandy, Datto data centers were handling over 100 times their monthly average volume, helping their customers keep their IT operations up and running without a hitch.

The winner of many technology and industry awards, Datto has been recognized both as one of America’s fastest growing privately held companies and as a top-ranked place to work. A wealth of additional information is available on the Datto website.

Disaster recovery solutions may be no fun to think about but being prepared for the worst means not having to worry about it actually happening. Here’s the key: disaster recovery solutions only work when they’re in place before disaster strikes. Contact us today and let’s get started. 

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