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Enterprise Cloud BackupEverSafe Cloud Backup is composed of a complete family of enterprise business continuity solutions. Eversafe Cloud backup is a flexable solution designed for a business of any size.

Here is a list of what Eversafe Cloud Backup offers Enterprise companies and Managed Services:

  • Unlimited round trip drives.  If you are backing up a large amount of data (1TB or more), even a fast internet connection could take weeks to upload all of your data to their data center.  You need the ability to easily copy your local data to a drive provided by your vendor and then have it shipped to them for direct upload to the data center.  If you need your data back, you can’t be waiting days or weeks for the download so you need an option for overnight shipment of your data on a drive for restoration in the event of a complete hard drive loss.  Many vendors either don’t offer this, or do for a substantial fee and can take multiple days to process the request.  Can you be down that long? The Eversafe! Cloud Backup system can have your Enterprise Business back up and running  in seconds.
  • Unlimited 24x7x365 Emergency support and 24×5 Phone support. Many vendors have no live human support beyond chat boxes and emails.  If they do, they are often low qualified foreign support agents where the vendor can pay the lowest possible wages.  All EverSafe! Support reps are in the United States and are experienced professionals.  Low speed, low quality support is ok if you are having a problem with a social media site like Facebook, but it’s not acceptable when it comes to the lifeblood of your business
  • Unlimited Servers.  EverSafe! allows you to backup as many servers as you want at no extra charge.  We only charge based on the total data you need to back up.
  • Free replacement of the local appliance in the event of a disaster.  EverSafe! includes disaster insurance so that if your server room is wiped out, we’ll send you a new appliance, fully populated with your last cloud backup via the fastest shipping method possible.
  • Data backed up in redundant data centers.  An earthquake or other disaster may hit.  As unlikely as it seems, it’s possible both your facility and you’re the cloud data center are destroyed at the same time.  EverSafe! backs up in a data center in Pennsylvania and Utah to ensure a large scale disaster doesn’t wipe you out.  This means we are consuming twice the cost and resources of most of our competitors since a terabyte of data is actually two terabytes in the data centers.  But the lifeblood of your business is worth it to us.  Backup is one place you don’t cut corners on
  • Flexible upgrade policy.  EverSafe! lets you upgrade to a larger device at any time for just the difference in cost plus a $150 processing fee
  • Three year warranty on our hardware.  Most vendors who include a local appliance only cover hardware for one year
  • Granular Recovery for Exchange and Sharepoint. Very few competitive solutions will let you restore a single users email box or even just one folder.  EverSafe! does

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